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Animal Testing Policy  


The Buddha Beauty Company is strongly against animal testing and has been Cruelty Free International certified since our launch. This means that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished cosmetic or household products or ingredients in any phase of product development by or for ourselves.  Our fixed cut off date is November 2011. In addition, our products do not contain any animal derived ingredients are therefore suitable for Vegans. (we have one exception to this rule and this is out day cream which is being phased outing 2016)

Cruelty Free International, set up by the BUAV, is the only global organisation campaigning for a ban on the testing of animals for cosmetic products and ingredients, and it works with governments, regulators, companies and partner organisations worldwide to achieve this.

We have always believed it to be abhorrent to continue using animals to test the safety of cosmetic products, especially since there are other methods of evaluating safety. It has been understood for a long time now that the results of product tests on animal skin do not necessarily give an accurate indication of a possible outcome on human skin. There is no justifiable reason to continue animal testing in the name of beauty.


Buddha Beauty Policy Statement

"No product, or ingredient of any product, has ever been tested on animals by Buddha Beauty since its foundation - nor will there ever be a case to do so. Furthermore, we do not use the services of any other research establishment to conduct animal testing on our behalf, either on a product or any product ingredient.


Buddha Beauty has operated a strict policy to never purchase products or ingredients from suppliers who has conducted, commissioned or been party to animal testing for cosmetics on them, since our company began.

Therefore, we require annual written assurances from each of our suppliers to ensure that the ingredients they sell to us comply with the Humane Cosmetics Standards, which stipulate that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished cosmetic products or ingredients by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers after a fixed cut-off date.

Our commitment to the standard is such that if any of the ingredients we use were found not to be compliant with the standard, we would seek an alternative supplier for the relevant ingredients, or if necessary remove them from our product range.


L Thomas-Wood

Company Director



The Leaping Bunny Logo (trademark of Cruelty Free International) has become the only independently certified global 'cruelty free' mark. Certified companies are required to adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy, proactively monitor suppliers to ensure compliance with strict Leaping Bunny criteria and open up these supplier monitoring systems to independent audit.




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