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Classic Lashes - Lash FX Semi Permanent Lashes


75 minutes

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Classic - With these lashes one extension is applied to each individual eyelash using 1:1 method. This is perfect for creating a thicker but more natural look. We offer a range of lengths so you can get the desired look you prefer.

(Please Book a Glue Patch Test Prior to Booking

This Treatment.)

These lashes are a perfect way to thicken and lengthen

your natural lashes and can be worn every day without

having to wear mascara.

Marvelash lashes are all synthetic and come in a

variety of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures.

They are suitable for every occasion and look

extremely natural.

These can take 1 and a half hours plus, depending on the condition of your own lashes and the look you would like to achieve.

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